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Judith Westcott 


 I carve woodblocks and create handmade prints which give a unique view of life in beautiful North Devon. I’m also part of the print collective, Pine Feroda. 

Original Relief Prints

I’ve lived in North Devon for over 40 years now and have always drawn, recorded and made art from my surroundings. Exmoor with its’ glorious wildness and the very varied and beautiful coastline give me many opportunities to engage with the natural world. Time spent travelling provide further scope. Nothing need be off limits!

Hello, I’m Judith a printmaker based in North Devon


At art college I was lucky enough to catch the final years of traditional print rooms. Presses, inks, paper and processes going back centuries. I value highly being part of this long and rich tradition.

Alongside and complementing my own work is that of Pine Feroda. Being part of the group has enriched and broadened what I do in innumerable ways.


 Pine Feroda Woodcuts

Pine Feroda is a print collective. We started over five years ago as a one off experimental workshop to see if we could successfully make prints together. To our great surprise and pleasure we did, and so we have continued ever since.

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