A mystery

Version 2.jpg

This print was given to me by a friend who cleared out the flat of a serious print collector in Seattle. His name was Al Feldtman and he died in 2018 aged 97. A substantial part of his collection was left to an American University and many prints sold at Sothebys, London that autumn. This was found folded in a cupboard and came to me because I make prints.

I have tried to discover more about it, but not got very far. Sam Pickard, a textile designer and printer in Devon UK, has been very helpful. She thinks it is printed on bleached cheesecloth and probably block printed because of the unevenness of the ink/dye saturation. Most likely the blocks were lino - flocked to hold more dye. Sam also feels it is printed with paper printing ink, perhaps water based. The image is about 12” square.

So was it a test piece? And who made it and when? I would love to know. Do get in touch if you have any suggestions.

Judith Westcott