Choosing the colours for a website


Working with Rosie to create this new site means all details are carefully considered, right down to fonts and colours used.

Right at the beginning she asked for a collection of favourite things. This is a really pleasurable thing to do, and something a lot of us do all the time, who doesn’t come back from a walk or a visit to the beach without a few special objects?

My favourite things colour mood board - inspriation for my branding

So I ended up with:

A wisteria pod on it’s long stalk, velvety and dramatic, also poisonous!
Crab shell
North Devon shore pebbles
A Delft tile from my childhood
Dried seaweed
A cuttle fish bone
Autumn beech leaves
Chinese brush
Welsh slate
Shell with pearlescent inner I have only found on one particular north Devon beach
Paint brush
A piece of cut block
A patterned pencil
A barren shaped from boxwood

Well it’s a soft colour palette for sure.

Judith Westcott