Getting my artwork out there

Getting prints seen takes as much time and energy as making them

A selection of my framed prints

Contacting galleries, taking part in exhibitions, delivering and collecting work all takes a lot of time. Opportunities have to be made, it isn’t often they drop in your lap. And then there is framing. Having said that all of the above can be fun and a welcome day out.

Next week I am off to Hartland to do a Pine stocktake and will go on to collect work from friends who are also showing in the Simonsbath Festival Art Exhibition. Hilary Paynter is exhibiting some of her exquisite wood engravings and Phillip and Frances Leach of Springfield Pottery are going to fill the big central table with their distinctive work.

There are twelve artists from around the region all told, working in different media- it will be a varied and interesting show.

Judith Westcott