The house is full of pictures


A new linocut is spread all over a (grown up) child’s bedroom. It is more or less dry but needs to ‘cure’ for a few days to stablize. This attic bedroom gets any sun going, and I had to get the print out of the way to a safe area as I am collecting up work for two big exhibitions.

One is on Exmoor at Lanacre Barn Gallery - a very beautiful spot upriver from Withypool, the other at Eton College Drawing Schools. Pine Feroda will be showing 12 large woodcuts on Exmoor, from the very first we did together nearly six years ago through to a proof of our latest. Alongside this will be work by the individual artists who make up Pine.

The Eton show will have new prints from Pine created since our residency there in 2017, and also a wide selection of our own work.

The possibility of the wrong piece going to the wrong show is concentrating the mind! Details are below in the ‘Exhibiting at’ section of the footer. Hope to see some of you there.

ps the Exmoor Show is part of North Devon open studies event and also Somerset Arts Week.

Judith Westcott