Judith Westcott 


I create handmade prints by carving wood or lino blocks.

My work is inspired by the natural world - I’m also one of the artists who work together as Pine Feroda.

Original Relief Prints


I live in north Devon, close to the sea and the moor. Ancient woodland, the ups and downs of Exmoor, the broad beaches, rocky coves and towering cliffs of the coastline all drive my creativity. Travelling further afield opens up fresh subjects and approaches.



At art college I was lucky enough to catch the final years of traditional print rooms. I learned to work with presses, inks, paper and processes reaching back centuries. Feeling part of this tradition and playing my part in keeping it alive is important to me.

Complementing my own work is my creative partnership with Pine Feroda, a small group of printmakers. Working in this unique band has enriched and broadened my practice.

 Pine Feroda Woodcuts


Pine Feroda is a constructed artist with an established track record.

A small group of printmakers came together to make a print and, surprised by our success, have gone on to create a body of distinctive and striking work.

Pine Feroda has now worked and exhibited in many places including the Royal Academy, Eton College and the China Academy of Fine Art, Hangzhou.

I first discovered Judith Westcott’s work through her collaboration on Pine Feroda’s large, powerful woodcuts. I find her own prints just as distinctive!
— peter @ boxwood books