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About me

My hand made prints can give you the chance to look again at the world we all inhabit and need to care for. I bring a little bit of unspoilt life into your personal space.


I create wood block and linocut prints inspired by my environment & the seasons, all hand printed at my studio in North Devon.

Until coming to North Devon over forty years ago I hadn’t lived anywhere more than 2 or 3 years. The very settled and unaltered local communities and the less populated, unspoilt and natural beauty of the area was always an attraction and I have mined the resource unashamedly. Walking, gardening and beekeeping focuses attention on what is around me on a micro and macro scale. This attention is enhanced by drawing and close observation of the turning seasons. The interdependence of everything is underlined.

The constant of a peripetetic earlier life was the sea. I love to be in or on it, and of course beside it! North Devon has many sorts of beach, coastal scenery, and many different seas; from the Atlantic rollers of Hartland round to the browner sea of the Bristol channel and the towering cliffs, all providing stimulus and subject matter.

I strive to make prints that invite the viewer to see an aspect of this natural world with a fresh eye, perhaps recognition and certainly appreciation.


how my prints are made


First there are sketches, and probably a photograph or two as reference. The sketches are worked up into a drawing which is then transferred to the block, reversing the image if necessary. I use wood for the block, usually birch or poplar ply, or artists’ lino. This is then cut, and quite possibly changes made, cutting is like drawing and the tools like a pencil. I dont like to have everything worked out beforehand - I like to react to the block, perhaps ignore some of the earlier plan, and go for it. The block is then inked with a roller, paper put down, pressure applied with a barren or by using a press, - and hey presto the paper is pulled off and I have a print! Colour is layered up - usually light to dark - either with a separate block for each colour or by repeated cutting away and printing of more and more surface on the same block.

I use oil based inks and quality printmaking papers. The paper is important as it is usually the ‘white’ of the picture and so integral. Prints can be very simple (think potato print) or very complex. Looking at a subject, I have to decide what out of the mass of detail is important to what I am trying to say.


 Pine Feroda

Five years on Pine is going strong. We specialize in large scale woodcuts. Working large gives impact and opportunity - and us all cutting, inking and printing together means things happen fast. How we manage to work together is hard to pin down, it is not always easy! But it works because we want it to and enjoy the buzz of our intensive sessions.