About Me


I create wood block and linocut prints inspired by my environment and the seasons, all hand-printed at my studio in North Devon.


In a Nutshell

A defining constant of my peripatetic earlier life was the sea. I love to be in or on it, and of course beside it. North Devon is a place of varied coastal landscapes, beaches and seas - from the Atlantic rollers of Hartland to the waters of the Bristol Channel. I have always sailed and swum.

The many faces of the sea, the play of wind, cloud formations in all their variety and where sea meets land all excite and intrigue me.

I have made a garden, and keep bees, which anchors me to the solid world of earth and growth, and the seasons.

All of these facets of nature join up and drive my artwork.

So I hope you, the viewer of these prints, will enjoy the experience of seeing as I see.


how my prints are made

Click on the image below to watch the process of relief printmaking


First it is getting out there, then there are sketches.

I have to decide which elements of the mass of detail are integral to what I am trying to say - drawing is an important part of this process.

The sketches are worked up into a design which is then transferred to wood or lino. I use wood for the block, usually birch or poplar ply, or artists’ lino.

I then begin to cut, often making changes. Cutting is like drawing and the different tools give varied marks. I don’t like to have everything worked out beforehand - I like to react to the image as it evolves, sometimes ignoring earlier ideas, taking risks.

The block is inked with a roller, paper put down, pressure applied with a barren (a hand held tool to give pressure) or by using a press - and hey presto, the paper is lifted and there’s a print.

Colour is layered up - usually light to dark - either with a separate block for each colour or by repeated cutting away and printing of less and less surface on the same block.

I use oil based inks and quality printmaking papers. The paper is important as it is often the ‘white’ of the picture and so part of the finished work.


 about Pine Feroda


Pine specialises in large scale dynamic woodcuts.

Working in this way gives impact and opportunity; all of us cutting, inking and printing together means things happen fast and spontaneously. How we manage to work together is hard to pin down - a mixture of give and take - individuals coming forward and stepping back at different times.

We operate in the realms of uncertainty and risk, enjoying the creative excitement of our intensive sessions.

The Pine prints are not like any of our individual work, we have made another artistic identity.